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Black Bayou Lake

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Black Bayou Lake covers approximately 4,000 acres of Caddo Parish Louisiana, north of Shreveport and near the Texas and Arkansas state lines. An original raft lake, today it is sustained by a dam that runs parallel to Louisiana Highway 2 near Hosston, Louisiana.

The lake is heavily covered with moss-draped Cypress.

Caddo Parish maintains two parks at Black Bayou Lake. The 9 acre Noah Tyson Park, located at 9300 Mira Myrtis Road in Rodessa, Louisiana, includes a boat ramp and dock and a family pavilion with picnic tables and grills.

Black Bayou Lake 1
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The Robert A. Nance Park at 14770 Odom Road in Hosston, is a 20 acre park that provides restrooms, playground equipment, picnic tables and grills, and a boat ramp and dock.

Invasive aquatic plants are a persistent problem at Black Bayou Lake, with hydrilla being the principal problem weed. At times, hydrilla has been reported to cover up to 90% of the lake. The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries initiated a lake draw down in June 2012 to facilitate treatment of aquatic vegetation. The lake will be lowered to 5 feet below pool stage for 90 days, and then the dam will be closed to allow the lake to refill. LDWF plans to introduce triploid grass carp into Black Bayou Lake during the winter of 2012/2013.

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