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Cross Lake is located on the western side of Shreveport, Louisiana. Covering approximately 8500 acres, Cross Lake is the water supply for the city of Shreveport. The city maintains a water treatment plant, a fish hatchery, two parks, and other facilities at the lake.

One of the original lakes created by the Great Raft on the Red River, Cross was completely drained by the second removal of the logjam in 1875. It was recreated for use as a water supply reservoir in 1926 when a dam was constructed at the neck of Cross Bayou. In 1989, a 1.6 mile bridge across the lake was opened. To protect the water supply, the bridge was constructed with a unique drainage system that collects rainwater and spills on the bridge and diverts them to a holding pond.

Photo: HSPaulDi, via Flickr Creative Commons

In addition to excellent fishing and other outdoor recreation opportunities, Cross Lake’s relatively shallow open water and steady light winds are ideal for small sailboats. The Shreveport Yacht Club located at 2905 Municipal Pier Rd. on the banks of Cross Lake provides sailing education classes and conducts a special Summer Youth Sailing Camp for children.

Among invasive aquatic plants at Cross Lake, hydrilla has been the most persistent, although on the sheltered western side of the lake giant salvinia infestations are increasingly troublesome.

Cross Lake is owned by the City of Shreveport and use of the lake is subject to city ordinances and regulations that protect the water and its surrounding environment. Permits are required for fishing and boating and may be obtained from the Cross Lake Patrol Office on South Lakeshore Drive.

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